Everything You Need for Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing


When you experience tarpon fishing with us in Boca Grande, Florida, you’ll have an amazing adventure and a wonderful time. Since tarpon fishing doesn’t require flashy, expensive, or custom equipment, it’s a great option for families to try while on vacation.

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Tarpon Fishing Rods & Reels

The most popular form of tarpon fishing is live-bait fishing. This calls for light tackle, which can cause the reeling struggle to on a bit longer, and the longer a fight goes on, the more likely the fish will die. Since you’re not using lures, you may want to consider weights for the line, as well as a sturdy pole for strong gripping.

However, there is an ideal choice when it comes to fishing rods. You want it in the range of about seven feet, while being rated for up to 30 pound fishing line. When choosing your rod, consider one that is sensitive, yet durable. Since you’re working with live bait, you want to feel the slightest bite, no matter how subtle. However, it should be strong enough to turn the fish as soon as he bites. A good, strong rod will allow you to turn the fish and prevent it from swimming far away.

Tarpon Fishing Experience

There is no perfect tarpon fishing gear. Not one rod or reel can trump experience and live-bait. The success of tarpon fishing lies in the angler’s skill and location. If this is your first experience tarpon fishing, you may want to head out with a Boca Grande professional or a trusted friend who has vast tarpon fishing experience.

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