Florida Gulf Coast a World Class Tarpon Fishing Destination

Tarpon Jumping Tarpon are among the top game fish in the world. With remarkable size and speed, they put up a fight like no other. Finding the best places to drop line in search these massive game fish is the only thing you won’t find challenging about hooking your outing.

Tarpon lay eggs in fresh and brackish water and can tolerate a wide range of salinity. This is fundamental to why they can pretty much survive on any food source, dead or alive. Unrestricted food source also opens the tarpon hunting and feeding grounds wide open- within their natural habitat, of course.

The only restriction these fish have to their tolerable environment is temperature. Tarpon need warmer water temperatures of 60-82 degrees, Fahrenheit, to comfortably live. This also means they are most comfortable in shallower waters. Though their migration patterns are quite vast, the tarpon restrictions are specific to only very select regions in the Atlantic Ocean. Among these regions is the Gulf of Mexico.

The Gulf of Mexico is home to some of the best fishing in the world. Immense swaths of fish and sea life migrate and live in the vast Gulf for the shallow, warm habitat full of food. This is ideal for tarpon, especially in the southern Gulf of the Florida coast, namely for the warm temperatures.

Off the Tampa coast and south offers a hotbed of tarpon fishing. It is some of the most challenging and rewarding game fishing you will ever experience. That is if you could keep up with the tarpon fighting spirit.

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