Florida Gulf Coast Hot Spot for World Class Fishing

florida fishingThe west coast of Florida has been a fishing destination for anglers from all over the country for generations. The shallow warm waters welcome the widest range of sea life most anglers ever saw in one place. It serves as a top destination to fisherman for some the largest, most diverse, freshest fishing a person could ever want.
Both deep water and offshore fishing will satisfy the hardest to please enthusiast. As a matter of fact, an offshore fisherman just caught one of the largest sharks ever spotted in Florida waters earlier this year in the spring. Having fought and struggled in an 11 foot, 805lb Mako shark from the shore, the skilled angler demonstrated why the region is steeped in fishing tradition.
If you think the shark fisherman was just lucky and the Mako reel was nothing more than a rare fluke, think again. Just last year, an angler landed a 9 foot, 780lb bull shark right off the coast of St Petersburg Beach. Both these examples pale in comparison to the hammerhead caught in Boca Grande 5 years ago. The hammerhead reeled in just down the Gulf Coast was a mind-blowing 14 feet long and a whopping 1,280lbs.
And the area has so much more to offer anglers than just shark fishing. The sheephead, snook, tarpon, mackerel and sea trout, just to name a few, appeal to seasoned and rookie fisherman from around the globe. The diversity in the Bay area is truly second to none.
Fishing off the Florida Gulf Coast is a mixed bag. When you cast that line in the salty Gulf of Mexico water, you never know what’s going to be on the other end when you reel it in. But whatever you wind up reeling in might make for one heck of a story. And remember you can’t break records unless you play the game, anglers!

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